Hi, I’m David Nicholas and welcome to my blog!

David_Nicholas_Atlanta_picI created this blog to be able to share with my friends and clients my thoughts on things I am passionate about: My business, my faith, financial markets, public policy, and economics. Hopefully this will allow others to get a little look into my life outside of work.

A little about myself:

  • At the age of 12 my mom bought me and my sister our first shares of stock, Alcatel-Lucent to be exact. The first time I saw the stock change in price, I was hooked! I’ve been passionate about financial markets ever since.
  • I graduated from Kennesaw State University with a B.B.A in Finance with a concentration in Economics.
  • I have a Masters (M.S.) in Financial Planning from the University of Georgia (go Dawgs!)
  • While in college I had the opportunity to work for an Investment Advisory firm in Atlanta, GA and was responsible for overseeing more than $100 million in assets.
  • I started a political non-profit called Future Voices of America to help younger Americans become actively involved in the political process.
  • I have a radio show called “Protecting Your Retirement” on 95.5 FM & AM 750 Saturdays at 8 PM in Altlanta.
  • I currently serve as the Chairman of the Faith Committee for the Georgia Republican Party.
  • I married the girl of my dreams and we have a beautiful little girl named Isabella.

Me and my wife Kristin

      I hope this blog will help you get to know a little more about my passions, my thoughts, and my interests.

            The world of Wall Street is one consumed by financial transactions. It can tend to have a cold, unattached feel from the most important element of any financial transaction: people.

      My passion is helping people make sense of the financial world. I am thankful for the opportunity I have to daily meet with individuals and families to help them plan and map out their finances, retirement, and investments.

      Thanks for checking out my blog. My hope is that my experience with financial markets will be helpful to my friends, family, and clients. And If we haven’t met already, I look forward to meeting you soon!


      David Nicholas

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